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If the trading system is stuck and you are getting excuses while withdrawing your funds into your bank account. They will ask you to deposit more funds to withdraw the amount. If you are experiencing such issues, contact us immediately. 

Well, it depends on case type, you should speake our investigator and brief them certain issues. They can allot you a specific time frame based on the circumstances of your case.

We investigate almost al the countries. Here, we can help you in online fraud as long as there is a digital footprint.

Today, criminals are very smart, sophisticated, and have more experience in Social Engineering. They hide their platforms just after a scam but we are using advanced tools to keep investigating cyber crime.

Once your appointment got confirmed, a case manager will be appointed who will review the whole case and will ask you to submit the evidence that may be assistance to this case. Then you will keep updated with the ongoing process. 

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